Want to Learn How to Pitch Music So You Can Make Money!!??

Listen/Watch the YouTube playlist below… 4 Full Length tracks off the album.

From successful Music Publisher Stanley Straughter, owner of Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC, Comes a full length ALBUM (over 54 mins of valuable information and content) that provides details on how to license and pitch music for Commercials, Film, TV and Artists.

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How to Pitch Music for Film, TV and Artists

Who this album is for: Songwriters, Artists, Artist Managers, Producers & Artist Reps, Marketing Executives, Distribution & Music Publishing Executives, Anyone seeking placement opportunities in Film, TV and with Artists.

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Download the Album Now!!

Who is Stanley Straughter??

 (Take a listen and find out for yourself)





We let a few people hear the album before it’s release. Here’s what they had to say…

I Love This!! Excellent job. On point and makes me want more from each track to the next.

Just wanted to let you know AGAIN that your project sounds awesome. Very impressed with its professional quality and content…


Reggae Artist / Multi-Genre Songwriter / Producer -------------, X-AMOUNT

This was mad informative and I like the points you broke down about publishing and copyrighting, you obviously learned a lot… Also liked how you referred to the Donald Passman book (my “Bible”) read that thing cover to cover back in 94′.

Twitter – @DJChrisG

DJ Chris G

DJ, Straight From The Underground (SFTU-2.0)



But what if you don’t like reading?

That’s where this album comes in, you can listen on your iPhone,

Android phone, in your car, while you’re working out… Whenever you want!

FACT IS the MORE you listen to something OVER AND OVER

the MORE it gets ingrained in your brain

(Ever have a song stuck in your head?)




1. Real questions get answered like the ones in the audio snippets below.


2. Album is in an interview format so it’s easy to understand.

3. It’s NOT an E-book, so you can listen to it on your iPhone or mobile device.

4. It’s affordable! Most E-books are between $20 and $50 this is only $12.99

5. You are getting over 54 minutes of valuable information and content.

6. Stanley speaks in plain english so nothing goes over your head.

7. Stanley gives “Must Have” information for those new to music licensing and pitching music.

8. Stanley gives detailed instruction about how YOU can be successful licensing and pitching music, no fluff.

9. Stanley provides exact names and web-sites of companies he’s used to help gain success while licensing and pitching music in the business.

10. It’s the best $12.99 a musician can ever spend, to actually help in pitching and licensing music for commercials, film, TV and with artists.

How To Pitch Music for Film, TV and Artists, Vol. 1

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